Starbucks Serenade

Starbucks Serenade Coffee Machine Atlanta, GA

Authentic Starbucks Coffee In Your Office

  • Grinds Each Cup Individually
  • Chai Tea Latte & Hot Chocolate
  • Short, Tall & Grande Sizes
  • Iced Coffee (You Supply the Ice)
  • 50% Less Than Starbucks Retail

Starting At Just $5 Per Day + Coffee Supplies

Program Type
Monthly Rental
Minimum Monthly Purchases
$575 + in coffee supplies
Small Office
$475 + in coffee supplies

Free Two Day Demo Available

Brews Three Different Sizes
Short, Tall & Grande

Delicious Iced Coffee
You Supply the Ice

Chai Tea Latte
Chilled Requires Ice

Starbucks Hot Cocoa
Whipped Cream & Sauce Added

3 Whole Bean Coffees Veranda, Pikes Place & Verona

More Ways to Enjoy the Starbucks Serenade Experience.


Countertop Starbucks Coolers Available For Your Office Needs

Nitro Cartridge in Can Adds Nitrogen When Can is Opened

Starbucks Iced Latte bottles Serve Chilled

Doubleshot Energy Mocha Vitamins, Caffeine, Energy

Cold Brew Coffee

Starbucks Frappuccino
Convenient 4 Packs

Doubleshot Espresso & Cream Perfect Size

Inspired Design. Ph Balanced

Fontana Syrups, Complete with Pumps & Countertop Racks

Starbucks K Cups Commercial Brewers Too

Starbucks Espresso Available with Flavia Barista Brewer

Starbucks Coffee Available with Flavia Brewers

Individual Pot Packs Are Simple & Convenient

Starbucks Cups The Coffee Just Taste Better

Starbucks Cup Sleeves
Perfect Fit

Professional Airpot Setups & Accessories

Why choose a Starbucks Serenade Coffee Program?

  • Not as expensive as you might think
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Comparable to K-Cups in cost
  • Brings the coffee shop experience into our workplace
  • Enhances teamwork and morale
  • No contracts