Breakroom Installs ATC

We don't just install equipment, we provide the organizers, stands, and know how to make coffee area functional spaces. We can work with an existing space, or help layout new / renovated space with your design team and contractor. Our organizers, time and expertise are always available and free of charge to our clients.

Starbucks Serenade Machine:

Client needed an attractive focal point in a training facility. They wanted to bring their team and their clients together to not only conduct business, but create partnerships.

Solution: Starbucks Serenade, cup organizer, syrup stand, tea rack, vertical condiment rack with accessories.

Caribou Coffee Machine:

New breakroom build. Client wanted employees access to espresso, cappuccino, latte, and fresh ground coffee. Additional airpot brewer for larger meeting areas.

Solution: Caribou Coffee Machine, cup organizer, syrup stand, tea rack, slim horizontal condiment rack, airpot brewer with airpots.

Starbucks Serenade Machine:

Contractor used our dimensions to build a custom Starbucks area for a customers clients. Trash can located underneath, to collect and dispose of used coffee grounds.

Solution: Starbucks Serenade, cup organizer, syrup stand, tea rack, low profile condiment rack with accessories.

Starbucks Airpot Zone:

Client needed to upgrade an existing install, but didn't have the space for a Starbucks Serenade.

Solution: Starbucks Airpot Zone, cup organizer, syrup stand, small tea rack, stainless multi tier condiment rack.

Flavia C500 Brewer and Follett Ice Machine:

Client wanted great quality and variety, but need to be cost conscious. Employees requested cafe au lait, coffee and teas. Sanitary ice solution with filtered water

Solution: Flavia C500 brewer, 12 selection rack, Fallett 15 Series.

Keurig K3000 and ION Water Cooler:

Client had limited counter space, and didn't want clutter. Moved equipment to end of counter, and stored K Cups in cabinets overhead. Used single water line and outlet.

Solution: Keurig Professional K3000 and ION water cooler.

Flavia Barista and Airpot Brewer for Meetings:

Client wanted Starbucks Espresso to fit underneath the cabinets. Also needed batch brew airpots for meetings.

Solution: Flavia Barista with 18 Selection rack and airpot brewer. Cup organizer, and syrup rack.