Micro Markets

Micro Markets - Self Checkout Break Room Kiosk

A micro market is a self checkout kiosk system designed to replace vending machines in offices.

Our Atlanta, Georgia based Avanti Markets offer a true convenience store experience in your office break room.

Reach in coolers and custom enclosures, complete with your company logo, provide 3 times the variety of traditional vending machines.

Why do employees love our markets?

  • People can read the labels of our products
  • Fruit and Salads
  • Credit Card Acceptance
  • Premium Healthy and Organic Products

Ready to get started? Please give us a call, and we can get to work. (770) 955-1984

?When we moved to our new facility, we wanted to offer our employees a completely different experience. Our new market has been a huge success. I don?t think we could live without it anymore. Finally, my people are happy?

# of Onsite Employees
Fresh Fruit
Ice Cream /
Frozen Entree
Salads /
Healthy /
Sandwiches /
Warm Ups
Credit Cards
Office Coffee Service
200 +

Wellness Programs and Initiatives

All of our Programs Feature
Healthy Selections
Security Camera Monitoring
Pay With Your Smartphone
Market Card Incentives
Your Company Logo on Enclosure
Each Market Custom Built
Layout & Design Renderings
Wellness Program Initiatives
No Contract Required

Have you always wanted to have a company sponsored Wellness Program but didn?t know how to make it effective?

Your company can choose to subsidize certain products, and highlight your commitment to the healthy choices that we want the employees to make.

For example, the company could participate in a fresh fruit program by contributing $.50 towards the purchase price, so now fruit is the least expensive alternative. We can then invoice the company monthly, along with a report of how many of each of the products were sold.

Bottled Water, Juice, Salads? You choose the initiative.

Concerned about employees taking the products from the Micro Markets?

Inevitably, the #1 concern that most companies have is employee pilferage. What is to prevent them from just taking the product and walking away?

Relax, we have security cameras that monitor the market 24 hours a day. The national average for pilferage in micro markets nationwide is less than 1% of sales.

We are comfortable with it, and we can discuss all of the details. Your company is not responsible for any products that are taken without payment. If we encounter a repeat issue, we will simply sit down with you to discuss various options. Simple.

Custom Installation and Planning

We can help you design a new breakroom and work with your contractor at the blue print level to create the perfect space for your market. There is no charge, and we are happy to help.

We love it when a break room comes together and is built specifically for our markets

Mico Markets are the future of onsite business consumption. The future is here, call us to get started.