Rewards Program

Image of shopping cart after products have been added, and you are logged in:

Step 1.  Add products to your cart

Step 2.  Make sure you are "logged into the system".  This is how we know how may points you have available.

Step 3.  Products that are eligible for redemption, and you have enough points to redeem, will have a blue link next to the product.

Step 4.  After you redeem your points for a product line, totals will be recalculated and your available point balance will be displayed with your new total.

Note: There is a "Log In" link above the Search Tool bar so that you can log in before checking out.

At, we value our repeat customers. This is why we developed our "Points Program".? You earn points on 90% of the items in our catalog.

The exceptions are can or bottle beverages and individual snacks.  The transaction costs for these items are high, so we do everything to keep the price LOW.

The more you buy, the more you earn.

View YOUR Earned Points by Logging In:

Question :  Why do some products have "0" Points earned when purchased?

Answer  :  Some products (like those from Coke, Pepsi, and most snack items, carry a very high warehouse and delivery cost.  In addition, they do not provide us with "factory to dealer" incentives that we can pass on to our customer).  We are constantly working with our vendors, and often times, put products on sale as incentives become available.