Folgers Classic (Medium Roast) 42 Count

Folgers Classic (Medium Roast) 42 Count

Folgers Classic (Medium Roast) 42 Count


Folgers Classic Roast Office Coffee. This is the same Folgers Mountain Grown Coffee we have come to love. Comes packaged in a 42 count case. Each individually sealed pack makes one coffee service pot.

This coffee is a little stronger and more full bodied than our Folgers Filter Pack. For those that prefer a "classic" coffee taste, this is a tremendous value, and good coffee.

  • 1.5 oz of Folgers Classic Roast Coffee per package
  • 42 Count Case
  • Packaged for Coffee Service

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Good Coffee by Marisa Romo from GA United States
18 Jun 2009
My office has been using Folger's Coffee Singles for years and this product is so, easy, fast and delicious. A truly excellent product...
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