Folgers Filter Packs (40 count case)

Folgers Filter Packs (40 count case)

Folgers Filter Packs (40 count case)


Folgers Filter Pack Office Coffee. Folgers is now packaged in ultra convenient filter packs. The filters are even "color coded" (red for regular, green for decaf) for ease of use. Great Coffee.  No more spills or mess, easy to use, easier to enjoy!! 


  • Each case contains 4 - 10 count packages for a total of 40 full pots of fresh Folgers Coffee.
  • Clean and Easy
  • Designed to be used in commercial coffee brewers
  • Designed for coffee service use

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Love the Filter Packs by Carole Woodall from Georgia United States
17 Jun 2009
We use the Folger Filter Packs as well as some really strong stuff that isn't prepacked into a filter. The difference in the convenience is amazing. The other pots are full of grounds, and there's mess left behind in the sink as well as the trash can. Love those prepacked filters! So handy and clean.
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