Whole Bean Thermal Pot

Whole Bean Thermal Pot
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Whole Bean Thermal Pot

Whole Bean Thermal Pot. A great way to provide coffee anywhere in your office using the Starbucks Serenade or Caribou office coffee brewer. This thermal pot keeps the coffee hot for hours without the need of an electric warming plate. Great for meetings and conference rooms. 

  • 1.9L Stainless steel thermal pot
  • Compatible with the Starbucks Serenade and Caribou coffee carafe option
  • Includes programing of the whole bean machine in your office
  • Includes Wraps / stickers indicating the Roast of coffee
  • Washable and reusable. Use blue coffee cleaner packs to keep them clean. 
  • Provided at our cost for current Starbucks Serenade or Caribou whole bean customers in the Atlanta Market
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