Nespresso Bianco Intenso (50 ct)

Nespresso Bianco Intenso (50 ct)
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Nespresso Bianco Intenso (50 ct)

Nespresso Bianco Intenso (50 ct) - Created from a balanced blend of Colombian and Ethiopian coffees perfectly paired with milk. The meticulous split-roasting of these carefully selected arabicas reveal its cereal and nutty notes as soon as you add the sweetness of milk. Milk recipe lovers will really enjoy this new coffee for their cappuccino but also for all other milk recipes.

  • One part of the blend gets a long and dark roast, and the other is roasted much faster and lighter. When you combine the two, the blend develops that special roasty character that goes so well with the sweetness of milk.
  • This profile is Intense and Roasted but balanced
  • 50 ct per box 
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