Nespresso - Orgins Peru - Organic (50 ct)

Peruvian - Organic Espresso (50 ct)

Nespresso - Orgins Peru - Organic (50 ct)
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Peruvian - Organic Espresso (50 ct)

Nespresso - Peruvian - Organic Espresso (50 ct). Ecological Origins Peru grows 1600 meters above sea level on the slopes of the Andes. A fruity coffee with a clear botanical element. The coffee's fine acidity is beautifully balanced against the contrasting aroma of roasted barley.

  • Organic Origins Peru is a double-roasted coffee from a single geographical location
  • Some of the beans are long-roasted to highlight the light and smooth body and to evoke the exotic fruit aromas
  • Nuanced complexity balanced with intensity and structure
  • 50 ct per box

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