Nespresso - Lungo Leggero (50 ct)

Nespresso - Lungo Finezzo (50 ct)

Nespresso - Lungo Finezzo (50 ct)
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Nespresso - Lungo Finezzo (50 ct)

Nespresso - Lungo Finezzo (50 ct). A delicate blend of the finest Ethiopian and Latin American Arabicas give a rich aromatic sweet tones of jasmine, orange blossom and bergamot. A light acidity and heady floral aromas in bloom. 

  • Lightly roasted with a coarse grind, to preserve its floral tones and achieve optimal extraction
  • Lungo is Italian for a great cup of coffee. Best when brewed Lungo or Large Americano; provides a larger cup of coffee and guarantee a fantastic coffee experience to the last drop
  • 50 ct per box

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