Colombian - Organic Espresso (50 ct)

Colombian - Organic Espresso (50 ct)
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Colombian - Organic Espresso (50 ct)

Nespresso - Origins Colombian Organic Espresso (50 ct). An Organic arabica from the Tolima region of Colombia. Farmers regroup in associations and work together to grow coffee of the highest quality. A specific terroir and deep care for natural ecosystems is what gives this unique coffee its characteristics. Skillfully handpicking beans that grow beneath shade trees is just one example of their extraordinary devotion to their coffee.  

  • A harmonious and sweet coffee with bready and toasted cereal notes and red fruits, topped by a generous, dense crema and a lasting aftertaste.
  • Ripe red coffee cherry against deep green foliage is as breathtaking as one sip of this coffee. 
  • Beneath its creamy crema texture, Colombia Organic sings with an enticing toasted cereal character in harmony with this origin's classic red fruit note.
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