K-Cups for Keurig Brewers
Our Single Cup Coffee Service now includes K Cups for Keurig Brewers.  Perfect for your Keurig Office Coffee program.  We will be expanding this category rapidly throughout 2014.  We seek to offer the largest selection of K Cups coffee service available for next day business delivery in the Metro Atlanta, Ga area.  The brands that we have chosen to stock maximize quality vs. price.  All of our base line K Cups start at just $.59 a unit, sold in 24 count boxes.  

Below is a list with some descriptions that should make finding that perfect K-cup a little easier:
  • Authentic Donut Shop - Classic coffee.  Broad appeal.  Best seller.
  • Barnie's Coffee Kitchen - Known for their retail stores, they have a coffee for every mood.
  • Brooklyn Beans - New York Style coffee.  Fun flavors with a traditional roast.  
  • Brown Gold - 100% Single origin coffee.  One of the best coffees that you have never heard about.
  • Guy Fieri - Famous Food Network Chef.  Big and Bold (Coming Late January 2014)
  • Marley Coffee - Famous for their Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.
  • Martinson CoffeeThe phrase "Cup of Joe" was coined after Joe Martinson, founder, 100 years ago.  
  • Twinings Tea - English Tea classic.  Tea drinkers deserve attention too.  Twinings is a name you can trust.

How do we arrive at our $.59 per cup cost?  Most of our boxes are $14.16 / 24 cups = $.59 a piece.