Preston's Marietta Midnight - Dark Roast Coffee

Preston's Marietta Midnight - Dark Roast Coffee
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Preston's Marietta Midnight - Dark Roast Coffee

Preston's Coffee - Marietta Midnight - Dark Roast.  Small Batch Roasted.  A simple blend with a very dark roast and perfect grind.  Achieves that proverbial dark roast taste profile without making the coffee "heavy" or "oily".  Surprisingly clean for a dark roast coffee.  Each box contains 24 bags of coffee.  

"Marietta Midnight Dark Roast was something I conceived many years ago.  As a dark roast coffee drinker, it became increasingly difficult to find something that gave me aroma and depth without the "weight" or "oil".  I used specialty grade beans, an almost black roast and special grind to achieve what I was looking for in a coffee.  It's different from anything else I have tasted, and I hope you enjoy drinking it as much as I do."  Preston

  • Preston's Coffee Marietta Midnight - Dark Roast
  • Great Value for the Quality
  • "Simplicity Inspired by Nature"
  • 24 - 1.75 oz bags in each case

Preston's Savannah Sunrise - Breakfast Blend Coffee.  Small Batch Roasted with a simple blend of specialty grade beans.  Roasted to bring out the earthy tones and quality.  Designed for coffee service use in the state of Georgia, but popular just about everywhere.

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This is a "Real" Dark Roast by Preston from Georgia United States
23 Apr 2009
Fundamentally I am a Dark Roast Coffee Drinker. So when I decided to produce my own coffee, I wasn't going to hold anything back when it came to Marietta Midnight.

It's not for everyone, but for a crowd of coffee drinkers, that like their coffee with the depth that only a Dark Roast can provide, it's a welcomed experience.

How dark is it? It's two levels darker than a French Roast. I hope all of my Dark Roast drinkers enjoy drinking as much as I enjoyed blending it.
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