Follett Symphony 50 Water + Ice Machine

Follett Symphony 50 Water + Ice Machine
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Follett Symphony 50 Water + Ice Machine

Follett Symphony 50 Water + Ice Machine - Do you have a large team that requires a ready supply of crisp sanitary ice and filtered water. The Follett Symphony 50 is a large capacity touch-less machine with 50 pounds of ice capacity. You now can easily provide your team with ice and filtered water all in one unit. No longer will you need to worry about where the ice scoop is, whether it had fell on the floor, or the last time it was sanitized. Everyday convenience without the hassle. Your team can now enjoy iced coffee and beverages with ease.

  • We provide installation, maintenance, sanitation, and annual filter changes
  • 50 pounds of chewblet ice capacity
  • 24 hour yield - 425 lbs
  • Infrared touch-less sensors detect when a cup is near to dispense ice or water
  • Requires drain installation 
  • Does not fit under cabinets
  • 40" H x 21" W x 24" D

Atlanta area only. We will contact you for site survey and installation schedule.

  • $289.00/mo Counter top
  • $329.00/mo Floor model
  • $299 Installation Fee
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